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It's a logotype, a lotus and two bones.
It's the energy of the earth, a root connecting you to the world, reminding you what is primordial & essential.
Its charm is expressed here through the simplicity & creativity of the design.
Its symbolism becomes its own graphical language...




It's quality clothing with a strong, dark and minimal identity.
It's Streetwear with an obscure sensibility, black clothes with a urban spirit, graphical pieces or casual  with strong lines, and accessories to glamorize everything discreetly or more ostentatiously.
It's clothing designed to last, apart from passing trends or fashion effects, for a responsible but never boring wardrobe.
Original designs, collaborations with artists, limited editions, the pieces of clothing are designed and embellished with passion in France on quality organic cotton...




It's an unisex brand.
It's alternative clothing for alternative people, men or women or whoever you are.
A brand that does not copy anyone, that traces his own way with and for you...


Who are we ?

Chakra Noir was originally an adventure in the form of a physical store who gave birth to a mark. Created in Nantes in 2017, the store closed its doors, under this identity, in 2021 in this unprecedented health and economic context that we have all experienced. But a style was born, an immediately recognizable visual identity. Today, after a necessary break, the brand is reborn from its ashes, a phoenix, an exciting graphic and sartorial adventure full of desires and ideas.

Indeed, since Christmas 2022, the brand has been back online with a coherent but completely redesigned graphic charter and brand new creations. Guillaume was joined a few months before by his friend Perrine with the common desire to follow up on the project. And the recipe worked...

All Chakra Noir designs are now thought out, drawn and designed by both of us.

Perrine has a pronounced taste for drawing and illustration work while Guillaume is more attracted by the graphic aspect and formatting, but nothing is fixed and the porosity of the approach is a source of freedom. Nothing comes out without both of us being truly satisfied with it.

The brand is now exclusively online, but we have decided to reach out to the public through cultural events, trade fairs, conventions or festivals. We are now traveling the roads to offer you our products and directly promote this brand that is close to our hearts...



After various professional experiences in publishing, graphics or even hairdressing, Guillaume became a salesman with a pronounced taste for fashion and ready-to-wear. His combined know-how, creativity and desire for something new led him to open his own store in Nantes. Quite quickly the creation of its own models emerged as the most interesting aspect of the adventure and the desire to make Chakra Noir a brand as the way forward. This allows him today to reconcile his aspiration for fashion, his sense of business and his appetite for graphic design.

  • He likes: traveling, fashion, tattoo, Belgian cinema, cold-wave and industrial music, decadent poets, Huysmans, Ducasse, Chuck Palahniuck and the old Poppy Z. brite, the pre-Raphaelites and the art brut, Aymeric Lompret, lasagna, picon and freaks...
  • He doesn't like: fish, funk or symphonic metal, French R'nB, Joséphine Guardian Angel, the government, bigots and reactionaries...


Perrine began her studies with training in graphic communication, subsequently moving to the Beaux Arts in Lorient. In 2013, she moved to Nantes. She goes through various food jobs where speed and repetition are essential. Drowned in the intensive production and tired of an excessive industrial world, Perrine rediscovers the need to practice drawing and imposes slowness on herself. Armed with black pencils with fine points, she relies on the repetitive mechanisms of pointillism. This technique echoes the jobs she has done in the past. His illustration work is nourished by a forgotten nature which questions the links that are woven between life and death. Today, she puts this know-how and these aspirations at the service of Chakra Noir and returns to pure graphics and CAD, without forgetting the multidisciplinary aspect inherent in the management of a brand.

  • She likes: plants, animals, organics and florals, Marco Mazzoni, Manu Larcenet and Charles Burns, hip-hop, electro, punk-rock or all that mixed in a shaker, the head of animals in medieval painting, screen printing, small dots, details and interlacing...
  • She doesn't like: getting up, going to bed, being forced, oysters, mosquitoes, likes/dislikes...
Why Chakra Noir ?

Why Chakra Noir ?

The question comes up often... Already because it’s a name that catches the eye! He leaves no one indifferent. A name in French because we are. Without any proselytism.

Our brand DNA is dark, black is the prime incarnation.

Asia and its cultures, traditions, religions are a source of fascination and are part of our inspirations. No cultural appropriation, just an openness to the world and other ways of thinking. Any references to Naruto and Reibi are coincidental. Or not ?

The black chakra is the grounding chakra and refers to this balance of life: a quest for meaning and grounding. Eyes towards the sky and feet on the ground as they say... It represents Mother Earth, Yin energy, too often mistreated by our patriarchal and blind society.