» Our collaborations

Our collaborations

Some of our pieces are designed as collaborations, they are then created jointly with brilliant artists. Based on a theme, a concept, a proposal, etc.

Other contributors help us on our various projects: models, videographers, photographers, musicians…

Chakra Noir's work is like family-oriented, friendship and mutual appreciation is the real basis of our meetings, and talent doesn't spoil anything! People use to help us, we thank them and we try in return to highlight them here.

All photos, designs and montages are the work and property of Chakra Noir and/or credited collaborating artists.

Thank you friends !!!


Our models are amateurs because we love people and who they are, sincere, authentic - Chakra Noir is fundamentally inclusive. They are above all friends or meetings and, in all cases, beautiful people…

We like to change models regularly because Chakra Noir is incarnated through you. So if you feel like posing for us and you are not very far away, do not hesitate to contact us.

Partner artists

Talented creative people to follow closely...

Fortifem - Illustrators

Fortifem - Illustrators

Adrien Havet and Jesse Daubertes both began their careers as as graphic designers, before devoting themselves in tandem to their common passion for the illustration, under the name Førtifem. Since 2012, four hands have developed a style that borrows as much from the strength of tattoo lines as from the meticulousness of old engraving plates.

Extreme music lovers, they divide their time between creating visuals for groups (Rammstein, Slipknot, Trivium, Emperor, Alcest, Carpenter Brut…) but also for publishing and advertising. Their work has been exhibited in Paris, Los Angeles and Hong Kong.

Collaborating with Fortifem means opening a window on your secret desires. We define them as intuitive and visionary artists as their proposals spontaneously reflect our deep aspirations. Their adaptability is matched only by their kindness. What a pleasure !

If you don't already know them:

Vincent Alix - Versatile artist

Vincent Alix - Versatile artist

Vincent Alix, an artist from Brest based in Rennes for several years, explores different styles through indecision and curiosity.

Yesterday charcoal and live model, today ink and tattoo, tomorrow maybe knitting and macramé? Still, we really like his black and gold ink work and are proud of the result of our collaboration. Check out his work:

Rond Kvl - Tattoo artist

Rond Kvlt - Tattoo artist

A tattoo artist for 5 years, Rond loves green plants, detective novels, horror films and black metal. This great romantic with a graphic style as dark as his humor lives and works in Strasbourg, the Gothic city of his heart. He is also opening his semi-private shop there at the beginning of 2024. Do not hesitate to contact him or meet him at a trade show or as a guest. Friends from Nantes, this dear Rond Kvlt regularly comes to Frozen Tattoo!!!

We loved working with him, it was simple, creative and ultra-efficient. Believe us, you will love having your skin blackened by this insatiable artist:


Hellyxir - Freelance designer

As is often the case, Élodie, her real name, is first a friend before being a collaborator. But his writing is magnificent and his dark and sometimes esoteric style can only speak to us. So we couldn't resist working with her on a new project. We are following his future work with great interest, aren't you (?):

Ernest Mandap – Dancer photographer

Ernest Mandap – Danseur photographe

Born in the Philippines, Ernest started tap dancing at age 9. He began his career as a classical dancer with Ballet Philippines.

In 1992, he joined the Jeune Ballet de France in Paris, then the National Choreographic Center of Nantes, directed by Claude Brumachon-Benjamin Lamarche, with whom he performed in more than 57 countries.

In 1998, he received the jury prize at the Paris International Dance Competition at the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées, given by Mrs. Bernadette Chirac at the Elysée Palace. First prize in the V Spanish Choreographic Competition (2010) and Best choreography in a musical production in Manila (2018).

Ernest is currently working on new creations with several choreographers in France. He also choreographs for the La Rochelle Conservatory, James Carlès Choreographic Center, Le Pont Supérieur and Biarritz Conservatory.

At the same time, he works as a photographer and videographer for several dance and theater companies and also for the clothing brand Chakra Noir.

In addition to instinctively understanding the style of our brand, it is the perfectionism and sense of movement that seduces us in his photographic work. Follow this tireless artist:

Ariaz vidéo - Musician & videographer

Ariaz vidéo - Musician & videographer

Gerald Ponchon is an independent videographer from Nantes.

Gerald helps us bring the brand to life through inspired and dynamic video montages that we love:


He is also passionate about alternative culture and a recognized musician on the Electro Wave scene with cult projects like the late Doggerland or today Nabta, with his partner Justine, and Caporal, with Fred Kapo.

Don’t hesitate to take a listen:

Fred Kaporal - Model, resident DJ & musician

Fred Kaporal - Model, resident DJ & musician

Last but not least!

Who in Nantes doesn’t know Fred Kapo? A cult seller in fashion for years, he is now a bartender, but also a DJ and a musician. He haunts the nights of Nantes with his recognizable silhouette. A talented jack of all trades and a long-time friend, he has always been there for Chakra Noir. He poses for us, is our official DJ and our best sales representative! His musical projects are all successes: formerly the cold and nervous postpunk of Tabloid, the incredible Doggerland with their dark electronic rock, and today the cold, danceable and synthetic pop of Caporal, his project in French. So, trample your remorse on the dancefloor: