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Silence Hood SW


Material: Organic cotton
Black color
Screen printing: White


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An aura of mystery with this simple and subjective design.
Nothing else to say... Shh !!!
Japanese ideograms say Burakku Chakura, a literal translation of Chakra Noir.
A high quality hooded sweatshirt made from 100% organic spun and combed cotton in 280 grams, embellished locally. It is a raglan cut with slanted shoulder seams. The hood is lined and equipped with 2 cords: one black and one white. Keep the one you prefer or, as we do, keep both for a very graphic effect.
Unisex, it does not fit large, so consider taking a size larger than yours if you are looking for a more casual look, or even more for an oversized effect. 
Wear it as you like and do not hesitate to share beautiful photos of your best looks...
This sweat-shirt will last you a long time if you take care of it with a gentle wash inside out, color sorting and no tumble drying.
Consume less, consume better !

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