Open Your Mind !!!

Black chakra is the energy of the earth, a root connecting you to the world, reminding you what is primordial & essential. Its charm is expressed through the simplicity & creativity
of the design.

Chakra Noir, the Shop

Built on the frienship of two personalities coming from different fashion & musical backgrounds, Chakra Noir is an independant, minimalist and alternative clothing shop,
based in Nantes.
Guillaume & Jonathan have been welcoming visitors since 2017 in friendly place reflecting their personality, constently evolving through various exhibitions.

Chakra Noir, the Brand

Chakra Noir is also a new unisex brand.
This dark & graphic streetwear comes from the complementary imaginations
of Guillaume & Jonathan.
Whether they are collaborations with local artists, limited editions or capsule collections,
the pieces of clothing are printed in France with love on organic cotton.